Sounds of Austria

The Folklore Show, originally designed for tours, is learned and updated every year with the new boy singers, so that it can be presented year-round.

This “Austrian Show” has become established not only as a highlight on foreign trips, but as a favorite at home, which is repeatedly requested – as a segment in full-length concerts and, above all, for the musical accompaniment to diverse ceremonial festivities with foreign guests. Could there be a better way to acquaint these visitors with Austria’s musical traditions than with the “country’s most charming ambassadors”, as the Boys Choir is often called?

The musical spectrum spans the gamut from imperial Vienna ("Radetzkymarsch") through "Edelweiß" from the world-famous film "The Sound of Music", to alpine campfire romanticism with traditional yodelers and Schuhplattler dancers in leather shorts, all the way to the Austrian national anthem, the waltz "An der schönen blauen Donau" (“On the Beautiful Blue Danube”).

…under the skilled direction of Michael Nowak, the Choir Boys were quickly in top form and sang, recited and played for all they were worth.
Michael Wruss, OÖ Nachrichten
(on the production of the light opera “The Village Barber” at the Brucknerhaus in Linz)
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