Living Quaters

It’s hard to believe that, behind the venerable walls of the famous St. Florian Monastery, a small paradise for children is hidden. It is exactly this exciting combination which creates a unique atmosphere in which the children, on the one hand, feel protected, and on the other hand, can engage in many common activities -- whether musical, athletic, or play-oriented

In the boarding school the children are supervised by educators with the finest pedagogical training. These educators study with the children, support them in their homework assignments, and help them to enjoy their leisure time. Through loving supervision, many group activities, and a familiar atmosphere, the children feel secure and can always find someone to listen when they need personal support.

The house is furnished with comfortable rooms for sleeping, studying, and playing music, and a computer room. For exercise and physical activity there are a football field and tennis court, a swimming pool, and a gym. Children who come from St. Florian or the local vicinity may use the Boys Choir housing as a home away from home and participate as external choir boys.

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