Early Music

From time to time the choir and/or soloists present the St. Florian Boys Choir Early Music Program in cooperation with renowned special ensembles playing historical instruments. For many years, for example, there has been close cooperation with Ars Antiqua Austria.
Every year as part of the Fiori Musicali concert series, the ensemble and the St. Florian Boys Choir under the direction of Gunar Letzbor bring to the stage works by mainly baroque Austrian composers. A number of CD recordings, some of which have been honored with awards, have already resulted from this combination.

… and how wonderful it is that Gunar Letzbor chooses not to use women singers, but rather, in tribute to history, the fantastic soloists of the St. Florian Boys Choir! During the Ascension one almost feels the angels nearby…
Thorsten Preuß,
Bavarian Broadcasting Classical Radio on the CD “Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Missa Alleluja, Nisi Dominus”
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