Full-length Concerts

A number of times each year, the choir learns a new program – a standard repeated repertoire cannot exist with a boys choir, the make-up of which must naturally change often.

The rarely-surpassed diversity in the programs of the St. Florian Boys Choir is based not only on the richly varied soundscapes created through different line-ups – boys choir, mixed choir, boys and men’s soloists and ensembles – but, above all, on the program selections.

…Tonal accuracy, perfectly balanced and always inspiring dynamics, vocal agility, radiant good cheer and the occasional dramatic interlude were the hallmarks of this choir. … Even with the smallest boys in the many solo segments, also in duets or trio pieces, the astounding quality of their training could be heard in their voices. Every individual was just as much a soloist as a choir singer. …
Fuldaer Zeitung
(on a concert in the series “Nieder-Mooser Konzertsommer”)

Outside of the Advent season, the spectrum covers everything from festive choir music, to Austrian folk music, international material, through pop music in special arrangements, all the way to scenically presented program segments in which the boys can also demonstrate their thespian and dancing abilities.

For the Advent season, a new Christmas Program is developed each year. In addition to the Boys and Men’s Choirs, an instrumental ensemble is always hired which is attuned to the selected musical literature.

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