Vocal Education

The goal of this educational program is to give the children a theoretical and practical vocal education in a manner which is also fun, and which enables their participation in the diverse performances and concerts given by the choir. We offer

  • | Specialized lessons in choral singing |
  • | Ear and voice training |
  • | Acquaintance with international musical literature |
  • | Participation in concerts around the world |
Landesmusikschulwerk OÖ. The vocal education is offered in cooperation with the Upper Austrian music school association.
Veronika Moucka
“… What remained afterwards: many beautiful memories of concerts and opera productions, interesting souvenirs in a glass cabinet from trips around the world, a treasury of songs, the association with the St. Florian Canon Monastery, CDs and films, and many single black concert socks.”
Dr. Veronika Moucka
Mother of two former Choir Boys who still sing in the Men’s Choir

Additional Musical Education Content

In the framework of a broad musical education, training is given in the fundamentals of dance, rhythm, and dramatic arts. The acquired skills are put to use in the diverse, often scenic appearances of the St. Florian Boys Choir.

Education in Musical Instruments

Beyond Instrument No. 1, the voice, it is recommended that every choir boy learn to play another musical instrument. These lessons are offered in cooperation with the Upper Austrian music school association.

Social Training

Even if learning success in this area is difficult to measure: living together with some 40 other children in one house, the many common appearances and trips around the world, and likely also the quite intensive and frequent musical cooperation among the choir members means that the St. Florian Choir Boys tend to possess extraordinarily high social competence, which remains with them on their journey through life. This social competence is developed in a very close and informal setting, with the accompaniment of an experienced and sensitive supervisory team.

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