School Education

The school education of the St. Florian Choir Boys has taken place, for many years, in special partner schools. We maintain the best possible coordination and educational cooperation with the St. Florian Elementary School, in order to guarantee the learning success of the choir’s youngest members. For the choir boys in secondary school age we have had, also for years, the choir boy classes at the NMS St. Florian:

This school type, unique in Austria, guarantees the highest pedagogical standards, with consideration for the diverse activities of the St. Florian Boys Choir. Small class size, specially coordinated school hours and lesson organization, specially trained and experienced teaching personnel, as well as detailed consultation and coordination of all scheduling and learning content with the Boys Choir Institute, permit effective and individualized scholastic supervision and simultaneous support of the Boys Choir.

Parallel to this there is, in the Boys Choir Institute, daily study supervision by qualified pedagogical personnel, who maintain weekly contact with the teachers in the schools. All of these measures guarantee (in those of suitable ability) a smooth transfer into all institutions of higher education in our country (grammar schools, vocational schools, trade schools), as is impressively documented by feedback from graduates.

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