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How does one become a St. Florian Choir Boy?

Musical suitability as a St. Florian Choir Boy (voice, an ear for music ...) is established in a vocal audition, at which interested children present a simple song of their choice. Existing musical skills (e.g., reading music) are not required. Make an audition appointment: Choir Director Franz Farnberger

What is the minimum age for a St. Florian Choir Boy?

Children may be accepted in the St. Florian Boys’ Choir beginning with the 3rd grade of elementary school, and at the latest in the 1st year of secondary school.

Can one visit the St. Florian Boys’ Choir to learn more?

For mutual acquaintance, musically suitable and interested children are invited to take part in a “Trial Weekend” or another visiting opportunity (please arragne an appointment with Mag. Wolfgang Gruber).

Mag. Franz Farnberger

Prof. Mag. Franz Farnberger

Artistic Director

Contact person for the following areas:

  • | artistic concerns |
  • | audition appointments |

Stiftstraße 1
4490 St. Florian
Telephone: +43 7224 47 99 11

Mag. Wolfgang Gruber

Mag. Wolfgang Gruber

Boarding School Administration, Public Relations Work

Contact partner for:

  • | New intake/recruitment |
  • | Parents |
  • | Schools |
  • | Media representatives |
  • | Sponsors |
  • | Affairs of association |

Stiftstraße 1
4490 St. Florian
Telephone: +43 7224 47 99 22
Fax: +43 7224-4799-34